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Your Spine and Immune System…how long has it been since your last adjustment?

The daily vigor of life brings havoc on our posture—especially our spine. Our spine houses the master communication (nerve) pathways from our brain to the rest of your body. When our spine is misaligned, and in need of an adjustment, those pathways have become hindered. This causes our nerve signals to get blocked causing us to feel “off” or not well. This can affect our immune system AND our endocrine system.

Our immune system and endocrine system (our hormone system made of a network of glands---pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus, thymus, testes/ovaries, pancreas, adrenal and pineal) work optimally when your spine is adjusted on a periodic basis. Our endocrine system provides the necessary hormones for our body AND immune system to work effectively and optimally.

So, when our spine is off, so are the signals. Maintaining a schedule for adjustments keeps those signals working at their best naturally. When was your last adjustment?

Schedule your adjustment today and boost your immune and endocrine systems naturally!!!

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