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Our Team

For over 16 years, Highland Park Physical Medicine has been identifying and treating the cause of our patients’ pain using the most up-to-date medical practices and the latest medical technologies.

With expertise in chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management, massage therapy, sports therapy, functional medicine,  our physicians have the knowledge and experience to put your mind and body at ease.

At Highland Park Physical Medicine, our doctors provide an entire range of medical services from one convenient location and look forward to meeting your needs and surpassing your expectations. Schedule an appointment today.

Lucky & Axel- Chairman and CEO of Fun



Our very own special greeters and morale boosters!

Ellie Johnson- Office Manager

Ellie provides administrative support to the physicians at Highland Park Physical Medicine, including scheduling, insurance verification, billing, and A/R management. Her background in biology grants her a deeper understanding of the treatments provided and the knowledge to provide an overview of our services to potential patients. Ellie finds joy in helping others, the combination of her passion for wellness and our passion for patient health make her a perfect fit in our office. 

Dr. James O'Toole
Dr. James O'Toole, D.C.

Originally from Hudson, Iowa, Dr. James O’Toole graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2009 having earned the degree of a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. He then furthered his education by earning his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Logan College of Chiropractic, as well as an additional Bachelor of Science in Life Science in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Dr. O’Toole was a dual resident intern at both St. Peters Health Center in St. Peters Missouri and St. Patricks Health Center in St. Louis Missouri. During his clinical experiences Dr. O’Toole worked alongside many prestigious leaders of the Chiropractic community. An avid exercise enthusiast, Dr. O’Toole worked as a personal trainer with clients across the midwest. Today, Dr. O’Toole continues to develop and supervise exercise programs that include weight training, aerobic activities, and nutritional counseling for his patients.

Dr. O’Toole joined Highland Park Physical Medicine in 2013, where he is dedicated to treating the underlying causes of all types of musculoskeletal pain. It is Dr. O’Toole’s mission to restore his patients to their optimal health in the quickest time possible as well as assisting to improve each patient’s overall quality of life. In order to achieve this mission, Dr. O’Toole utilizes the most proven, beneficial, and up-to-date chiropractic techniques and physiotherapy modalities. Dr. O’Toole received his certification in Graston Technique so he is qualified and knowledgeable in the use of instrument aided soft tissue therapy as well as Dry Needling technique. He also utilizes the latest available technologies in disc and sciatica treatments called Spinal Decompression Therapy. Dr. O’Toole believes in using the best diagnostic equipment available to help determine the cause of his patients’ conditions with any additional necessary testing referred out, to create an individualized treatment plan for every patient’s needs.

Dr. Kinal Patel, D.C., MS


Dr. Patel has one of the most diverse paths to Chiropractic. She was born in London and moved to the United States where her family settled in Canton Illinois. Dr. Patel graduated from Western Illinois University with a B.S. in Science in 2009. Dr. Patel continued her education at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri where she pursued her Doctorate, as well as an additional Bachelors in Life Sciences and a Masters in Sports and Rehabilitation.

While at Logan, Dr. Patel excelled in the clinic setting quickly becoming a leader in the Biofreeze Sports and Rehabilitation Department. Dr. Patel took full advantage of her time at Logan by involving herself in numerous community outreach programs in the St. Louis area including the Go St. Louis marathon, Arthritis Walks, and Junior/Senior High School track events.

Dr. Patel also took interest in opportunities inside the classroom where she became certified in adjusting techniques such as Diversified, Logan Basic, Thompson, Cox Flexion Distraction, Acupuncture, and ART soft tissue technique.

Dr. Patel excelled in her final clinical rotation when she worked with Division I athletes at the University of Missouri and other local colleges in Missouri. During her clinical experiences, Dr. Patel worked alongside many prestigious leaders of the Chiropractic community. Patel was given full responsibility with patients and learned the intricacies of operating a successful practice. It was here where Dr. Patel began to define herself as a talented Chiropractor in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, and patient application.

Dr Patel joined Highland Park Physical Medicine, where she is dedicated to treating the underlying causes of all types of musculo-skeletal pain. It is Dr. Patel’s mission to restore her patients to their optimal health in the quickest time possible as well as assisting to improve each patient’s overall quality of life. In order to achieve this mission, Dr. Patel utilizes the most proven, beneficial, and up-to-date chiropractic techniques and physiotherapy modalities. Dr. Patel received her certification in the art Technique so she is qualified and knowledgeable in the use of this soft tissue therapy. Dr. Patel believes in using the best diagnostic equipment available to help determine the cause of her patients conditions and uses on-site x-ray, combined with any additional necessary testing, to create an individualized treatment plan for every patient’s needs. In addition to humans, Dr. Patel is also certified in animal chiropractic care. She has treated animals of all sizes from puppies to horses. 


Dr. Patel’s talents coupled with her genuine desire to help her community ensure that she provides second-to-none care and an unrivaled patient to Chiropractor relationship. Dr. Patel looks forward to educating and adjusting families to restore health and wellness in this community.

jamie lens profile.webp
Jamie Lens, PT

Jamie Lens is a Physical Therapist with 20+years of experience in the outpatient orthopedic field. She has had the pleasure of working alongside many renowned orthopedic surgeons.


Prior to becoming a Physical Therapist, Jamie had always been interested in physical fitness, sports, health, and wellness, so becoming a PT was a natural transition. After graduating from Rosalind Franklin University she began working as a Physical Therapist, shortly after she married and had 2 beautiful children. It was very important for their children to understand the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition. Exercise in the Lens’ household was a family affair! 


Becoming a personal trainer was because of her patients at work. She realized that once they had completed PT, they were unsure how to transition back to real life. They did not have the knowledge of how to safely exercise on their own, and their injuries made the fearful to work with a “regular” trainer. Jamie took it upon herself to take on the role of their “personal” trainer, all the while still having the knowledge of a Physical therapist.  Jamie is confident and comfortable training the teenager athlete who needs to get stronger, faster and more agile, while maintaining correct body mechanics and form to minimize the risk of injury, to the 70+y/o person who wants to improve their balance, strength and stability so that they can play golf and remain active with their grandchildren. Jamie retains the support of her fellow colleagues and physicians for referrals when their patients are ready to become members of the fitness community. 

Dr. Paul Marsiglia Pain Management
Dr. Paul Marsiglia, D.O. - Concierge Medicine


Dr. Marsiglia grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and subsequently obtained a B.A. in Biology from Illinois Wesleyan University. He then pursued his professional medical training from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences as well as Midwestern University, where he received his medical degree in 2006. In just his first year of medical school, Dr. Marsiglia was inducted into the Sigma Sigma Phi Medical Honors Society, where he was a member until graduation. Shortly after graduating at the top of his medical school class, he began his internship at Rush University Medical Center where he obtained valuable experience in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Thoracic Surgery. He then went on to specialize in Anesthesiology at Rush University Medical Center where he excelled and became Chief Resident in the Department of Anesthesiology. While at Rush, Dr. Marsiglia also researched innovative ways to effectively treat patients with persistent low back pain. After completing his residency, Dr. Marsiglia traveled to Boston in order to pursue more specialized training at one of the most prestigious Interventional Pain Medicine fellowships in the world at Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. While simultaneously training as a fellow in Pain Medicine, he also served as an Attending Anesthesiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and an Instructor at Harvard Medical School where he was actively involved in teaching medical students and residents during his time there.

Currently, Dr. Marsiglia practices Interventional Pain Medicine at Innovative Pain Specialists, which he co-founded in early 2011 with his friend and colleague, Dr. Louis. As a double board-certified specialist in both Anesthesiology as well as Pain Medicine, he has extensive experience in treating patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. In addition, he is on staff at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Illinois where he also cares for patients suffering from various types of pain. He strives to utilize a holistic approach to pain management which he has fine-tuned since his training at an osteopathic medical school. Dr. Marsiglia develops individualized care for patients with all types of pain and utilizes several cutting-edge treatment techniques to treat pain in order to improve function, quality of life, and overall well-being.

Anisa Baravalle - Massage Therapist - LMT

Anisa was born and raised in Italy. Prior to following the massage therapy path she obtained a B.A. in Political Science in the city of Prague, Czech Republic, through the international programs division of SUNY Empire State College. Past jobs assisting the US military have taken her as far as Germany and Afghanistan. She is fluent in English, Italian and has a little Spanish at the ready.

In 2013 she attended the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, in Syracuse, New York. With its intensive 1000 hour curriculum it is one of the largest and most extensive massage therapy programs in the country and it has allowed her to gain an in-depth understanding of the human body thru orthopedic assessments and kinesiology. When working with patients rather than using a single method she integrates a wide range of techniques which include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Cupping, Sport and Connective Tissue massage. She is a firm believer in working within a patient’s pain threshold rather than past it, and in looking at the whole body instead of just where it hurts. Her experience working with athletes and people with diverse orthopedic conditions makes her ideally prepared to work with all age groups, from young to elderly, regardless of their fitness level.

Anisa is a fully Licensed Massage Therapist in both Illinois and the state of New York, and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  

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