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EFT Sports Performance

Dr. Kinal Patel - Sports Therapy
EFT Sports Performance Combine Training

Both Dr. Patel and Dr. O'Toole work with EFT and it's Combine Training Program to treat and enhance the performance of these special athletes for NFL Scouting Combine.


The EFT Sports Performance Combine Training Program was developed with one main objective: to enhance each athlete’s performance in all aspects of the NFL Scouting Combine to elevate his draft status. The program consists of exercises and drills that replicate all tests and position-specific drills encountered during the NFL Scouting Combine, NFL Pro-Days, and individual team workouts. Upon completion of the program, each athlete will have mastered all the skills needed to have a dominant performance, and make a lasting impression with every NFL coach and scout during the four-day interview process.

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