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Do children need adjustments? The answer is YES!!!

Children’s bodies go through a lot of stress—more so today than ever.

Between school (carrying a book bag), extracurricular activities and large amounts of screen time—our children hold a lot of stress in their necks and backs. Some children’s’ book bags weigh 35 pounds! To add, children fall from playground equipment, sports’ practices, playing with siblings, etc. Your children’s bodies absorb a lot of trauma; and if gone untreated, these traumas can turn into chronic ailments and pain later on in life.

Their nervous system is growing and developing as is their spine. The spine controls everything. When their spine is out of alignment, the signals from the brain to throughout their body are affected—they slow down. By keeping their spine flexible (clear of blockages and signaling at optimal speed) and healthy can benefit them with their academics, posture, sleep, overall health, immunity system, anxiety, depression, etc.

Your children can experience the release of their trauma through an adjustment. After their adjustment, they can feel immediate relief and relaxed.

Highland Park Physical Medicine can provide an adjustment to your child and they can feel the beginning of releasing their trauma.

Call today and make an appointment for your child!

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