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K-Laser Therapy & Your Nagging Injury…

Did you know that Highland Park Physical Medicine can treat your injury using Laser Therapy to help heal your nagging injury? Highland Park Physical Medicine uses K-Laser Therapy for just that!

K-Laser Therapy provides laser light over injuries to improve soft tissue healing which gives relief for both acute and chronic pain.

K-Laser Therapy utilizes lasers to alter light giving it the power to penetrate skin and provide healing energy into injured tissues. These lasers stimulate the repair and healing process of an injury or wound.

When undergoing the K-Laser Therapy, the area being treated may feel nothing or a little warm during the session. The results are felt hours after and are cumulative (each session increasing upon the last).

Some of the benefits of K-Laser Therapy on your injury are:

· Increased oxygenation of damaged tissues…accelerating healing

· Increased production of cartilage

· Increased production of collagen

· Reduced inflammation

· Accelerated muscular regeneration

· Accelerated nerve regeneration

· Increased Bone Growth/Healing

Call Highland Park Physical Medicine today and make an appointment to have your injury treated with K-Laser!

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