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Knee Pain and Your Alignment…

Your knee pain may caused by any number of things other than your knee! If you are not in alignment that can be one reason. Another reason could be that your hips are off and not in balance. Yet another reason could be that your instep is not correct; this too can cause knee pain.

A simple adjustment may alleviate your knee pain. Highland Park Physical Medicine can provide a consultation and realize the correct protocol. They can provide an adjustment both to your hips and spine. Highland Park Physical Medicine can also measure and provide orthopedic insteps to correct such.

Dr. Patel and Dr. O’Toole are able to also provide Tens (electrodes that are placed over the painful area with a certain intensity of electrical stimulation), Laser and/or Traction (to Neck, Lower Back, etc.) to your painful areas.

Call today and get a consultation for your knee!

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